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The Séance Show

at lost spirits distillery

  • What is The Séance Show?
    The Séance Show is a boutique & intense show located at Lost Spirits Distillery Las Vegas. The show runs after the famous evening show extravaganza concludes at Lost Spirits. Spotlighting quality over quantity, the Seance Show features a small elite cast performing so close to you that you can feel their breath. The show features a séance in which the host and guests attempt to conjure the soul of factory worker from Thomas Edison's talking doll factory (this was a real thing). The show features real museum artifacts from Edisons life. The Séance Show will leave you both entertained an a little terrified.
  • Are the Séance Table seats worth the extra cost?
    Yes. To our knowledge, there is nothing else like the Séance Table seats on this planet. The acrobats will literally be performing on the table you are seated at... so close they can lean over and touch you.
  • May I bring children or teens to the Seance Show?
    Yes. Young adults, kids and teens may attend the 2:00 matinee of the Seance Show. The late night and evening shows at Lost Spirits are adults over 21 only. Note: The Seance Show is NOT raunchy or gory. However, it does contain swearing, sophisticated themes, sensuality and psychological thrills and is not recommended for small children. Children below the age of 10 will not be allowed in.
  • Does the Séance Show include booze like the regular Lost Spirits Show?
    The Seance Show includes a welcome cocktail and a single rum tasting. Cocktails by Alex Velez are available thorough most of the evening for purchase.
  • Where is The Seance Show?
    The Seance Show is located inside Lost Spirits Distillery at AREA15 in Las Vegas Nevada. Lost Spirits Distillery 3202 W. Desert Inn Rd Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • What Time is the Show?
    The Seance Show starts after the famous Lost Spirits Distillery Evening Show ends. Depending on the night of the week you will be entering at 8:30 or 9:30. It's advised that you arrive a few minutes early to navigate check in. NOTE: You will be able to catch a few of the Lost Spirits Distillery Evening Show before the Séance Show begins!!!
  • What Happens if I'm Running Late?
    As an immersive show format, the séance room is more forgiving than most conventional theaters. If you arrive late, we will do the best we can to accommodate. However, if we are sold out and you arrive more than 15-20 min late, we may have to send you away.
  • Who is this Bryan Davis fellow anyway?
    Bryan is the co-founder & CEO of Lost Spirits Distillery. He is also the company's creative director. Over the years Bryan has won a bunch of awards and made lots of friends. If you are attending The Séance Room there is a good chance he will be in the audience with you. Say hello, he can show you the Edison era artifacts up close and personal!
  • Are their Jump Scares?
    The Séance Room is fun, creepy, historical, and at times scary. We achieve the scary part by using some really special technology to manipulate the laws of physics. There aren't exactly any jump scares, but there are moments where guests may become startled.
  • Do you serve food?
    We do not have a large format restaurant inside the theatre. We do have a elite 16 course fine dining experience called 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. If you wish to purchase fine dining tickets and attend The Séance Room, you will want to purchase the 5:00 dinner seating and the 8:30 Séance Room tickets. That way you can flow seamlessly from dinner into the show. Starting in May, we will have a new gourmet sausage street food option during the show.
  • Is there a dress code?
    No. We do not have a dress code. However, many guests do dress up for the evening. After all, this is a 1920's séance & a modern cirque show.
  • What is Lost Spirits Distillery?
    Originally from California, Lost Spirits Distillery is an award winning rum distillery built inside a football field sized immersive theatre. Every night from 7:00-11:00 the place comes to life with one of the largest modern cirque production casts of any show in Las Vegas. In 2022 it was awarded a gold "Best of Las Vegas" by the Las Vegas weekly. There are two distinct shows at Lost Spirits. The 7:00 modern cirque show and the 8:30 Séance Room show. Both of them are great and feature some of the world's best acrobats. Lost Spirits is located at the AREA15 entertainment complex in Las Vegas.
  • Can I attend The Seance Room if I have a personal medical device (pacemaker)?
    The Séance Room features strong electromagnetic fields & plasma discharges. As such it is not safe for people with personal medical devices such as pacemakers. NOTE: The Lost Spirits Aerial Acrobatics Show from 7:00-9:00 is safe for you to attend.
  • Can I attend The Seance Room if I suffer from Epilepsy?
    The Séance Room features multiple strobe effects. If you are sensitive to strobe lights it is strongly advised that you not attend. NOTE: The Lost Spirits Aerial Acrobatics Show from 7:00-9:00 is safe for you to attend.
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